Monday, April 04, 2011

This is the end, beautiful friend (almost)

The detox is finally over and now I can look forward to eating normally again... Or so I thought!

On Sunday, as my first free-from-detox meal, I made a hearty vegetarian lasagna, and it was dee-licious. I mean it. I went to Marché Jean-Talon on Saturday and bought fresh spinach lasagna, yum! What a difference fresh pasta makes.

My ingredients were fairly simple. I used zucchini's, eggplant, and spinach as my filling; a homemade tomato sauce with mushrooms; and finally topped off my layers with a béchamel sauce (apparently the traditional way to make lasagna, si mon-nombo?).

It was scrumptious. Divine. No. Wait. It was scrumptiously-divine

And now here are the after-effects:
Since my meal contained dairy, wheat, and sugar I felt tired and, of course, bloated almost immediately after I ate it. That was a first since the detox. I won't even tell you what today was like. Okay, fine, I will. We both woke up feeling fatigued, and that feeling pretty much continued the rest of the day. My eyes didn't look so hot either. I had bags big enough to carry my lunch in. Also, my washroom visits weren't fun either, but we won't get into that...I'm just saying.

So was wheat the culprit? Or was it the fact I had everything at once that bothered me? Tum, tarum-tum, tummmm!!

(10 minutes later)

Ooopsy Daisy, looks like I made a big booboo.

I just read the After The Cleanse chapter and I wasn't supposed to jump into the pre-Clean diet right away (!!!) What I was supposed to do is consume one liquid meal, instead of two, and then eat three solid meals a day by the end of the week. Eesh. The author says I should continue to follow some recipes from the book. I probably should have read this chapter before making the lasagna, hehe. Silly me.

Anyway, so once I'm back on three meals a day, I should then include one type of food from the Elimination Diet's "exclude" list into my daily meals (not 3 like I did in my lasagna...mii). For instance, wheat or dairy. Then I'm supposed to observe what happens. Do I feel tired, does my tummy hurt, etc.

Dang, and I thought this thing was over. I guess I shouldn't have had alcohol on Friday night either...

You heard me. I CHEATED, okay? Boooo, I know. But in all fairness, I thought Saturday was my last day. I figured whatever changes my body went through this wouldn't, couldn't, possibly reverse it. Right?

What? Don't judge me. You don't know me (LOL the Mauri show).

Well, unfortunately for me, it's not over. Not to worry though, I'll just bounce back. Starting with my smoothies in the AM. I like them smoothie's anyway. Very filling too. I could last all the way through to lunch without feeling like I'm starving. So stay tuned as I continue to investigate the after-detox grub.


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