Saturday, March 12, 2011

the binging fest

Gosh, what is it about dieting or detox plans that make you want to immediately binge just before you start? I swear, it's like my body wanted to stuff itself silly knowing that:

a) I'll probably regret it soon after, and
b) I'll probably make it harder for myself during the detox.

Not smart.

Since Friday -that's yesterday- I had crumble pie, too many cheeses, and bread, oh my!! And what -that was just breakfast at work..hang on, there's more. Later on that night, tostitos with salsa dip joined the belly party, but why stop there?

This afternoon, Michael, who works at this cute little spa I go to every week, practically forced me (and by forced I really mean mildly persuaded me) to eat McDonald's!
Around 1000 calories later (!!!), my Big Mac Trio didn't seem so appetizing anymore. In fact, I felt pretty gross right after. But at least my nails look great?

Speaking of which, my awesome manicurist, love you, Steph, carries a plethora of nail candy for me to choose from every week. Since spring is right around the corner, I decided to get on the orange/coral colors-of-the-sunset bandwagon and went with Lunch at the Deli by O.P.I. I love it, Love it, LOVE it -if only I actually had lunch at the deli instead of McD's -way to go, M.

That leaves us with T - 24hrs before Elimination day begins. I will be sharing quarters with my brother over the next month who also wishes to join me on this insane challenge. It should be easier doing it with someone else. I guess we'll see what happens next...

All i can say is... BRING IT!!



  1. and the binging continues with a plate of yemista right in front of her...

  2. you should add the following to your detox diet. A few habits I picked up in Asia:

    -Coconut Water (very hydrating and great for cleaning out your digestive system).

    -Steamed Edamame (add lemon juice): if you're a pistachio and mixed salted nuts freak like me, this is a great substitute that works!

    That's all by Dr. Shana :P

  3. This is Matt Damon having a paksimathi at the Dourakis Koutouki. I invite you to a challenge of keeping up with me in the adventure of cleansing. Do you know who I am?? I'll give you one guess because if you need more than that, you're nutrition deprived. LOL