Monday, April 04, 2011

Volume 2 - Chapter 1: The Rocky Challenge

So based on your votes here's what I'm doing next:

What: The Ottawa Half-Marathon
When: May 28, 2011
Where: Ottawa, duh
Why: Because I love Rocky, and I want to run like Rocky to the the beat of the soundtrack. In fact, just call me Rocky from now on. Jen DouRocky. yah!

The Low-Down:
I have to be able to run 21km by May 28th. That's 54 days from today. Is that realistic? I dunno.

I'm not gonna lie, jogging has never been my thing. In fact, I'm such a rookie that I suck. No, really. I'm horrible. I used to hate walking to the corner convenient store for the love of baby jesus. Could you imagine me running? Okay, I'm not that bad anymore, but still.

The Training
I have to create a schedule in order to see how often I'll need to jog during the week, and how much distance I should cover. I found a training schedule online that should help. I'll have to run 4-5x a week. Do I really have to jog that often? Ugh, I'm already not looking forward to this.

On Sunday, I went for a "jog" for the first time since last Fall. I say "jog" because I only managed to run (don't laugh) for 16 minutes. That's it. Pretty bad, huh? And after 16 minutes of jogging, I covered a whole 2.03KM. Ouu, eh? I was so done at the end of it. toast. fini. blegh. How come I suck so badly?

The Brother
I'm nervous about this challenge, and I'm doing it alone too. My brother has already had a head start on me. He's run three half-marathons so far, and he's currently training for the full 42km's in Ottawa, in May. That's the same one I'll be running at for the half.

The Whining
So listen, does anyone know how I should breathe while jogging? My lungs burn... do you understand burn? It's like a wheezing, burning feeling. I don't want it to burn. Does anyone know how to make it stop? So uncomfortable. I think that's why I couldn't go on. It's usually my breathing that stops me.
More Whining
Last fall, when I was jogging more regularly, it was either that, my knees, or my shins that were my biggest obstacles. Weird how they never bother me during the same run, it was always one or the other. Never simultaneous. What's up with that? Is it because I suck? It's so frustrating too. I think the longest I've jogged was 45 minutes, and that was on the treadmill. Is that bad?

The Cry for Help
Will I make it? Does anyone have some tips, advice, or motivation for me?
Does anyone want to jog with me? C'mon, be my jogging partner. Please? Anyone?
Does anyone want to coach me? Who wants to be my Mickey!

Make me "eat lightnin' and crap thunder"

Here's a little Rocky Flavor


1 comment:

  1. Hey Jenny Jen!

    BTW I think you are doing great! Good for you for picking this up. 45mins isn;t bad at all.

    A few things I picked up when I used to do X-country running. Now I only go to the gym to maintain my endurance, but still apply the same principles:

    1> Breathing
    Your breathing is very rhythmic (as if you are in labor) and while doing this you gotta focus on your pattern of breaths.

    2> Getting tired too quickly. This just means you gotta pace yourself more. If you get tired at the beginning of the course decrease your speed and very gradually pick it up. You know when to run faster by listening gto ur breathing.

    3> Joint Pain: take that seriously cause it will cause damage as you age. Check your shoes!

    4> Running uphill gives you nice ass! LOL ;)

    That's all the tips for today. This is BodyBreak!! dadada nana dada nanana LOOOL