Sunday, April 10, 2011

And in this corner, weighing in at....

Hello dear readers. Yes, you!

I see you come less frequently and I would like to apologize for that as it is my fault. I've been paying less attention to you, I know. I haven't been communicating as often as I used to while I was on the detox. Sometimes a girl just needs to break free from all communication, you know? A cyber detox, if you will ;)

So I'll spare you the boring details of what I've been eating because I'm sure by now you're tired of hearing me say; veggies, fruits, and gluten-free. I will, however, tell you that my friends have really been commenting on my weight lately. From co-workers, to family members, everyone seems to feel that I have lost in the face, stomach, and everywhere else. Since I had never really weighed myself properly during this detox, I figured now was a good time.

First thing Saturday morning, before eating anything, I woke up at my parents house (yes, I'm back-boo), and weighed in. I squinted at the numbers trying to make out what they said, but because I normally wear contacts I couldn't see a darn thing. I ask my dad to read the scale for me and I couldn't believe what he said; I have lost a total of 8lbs (3.2kg's or something -for my Euro readers). I was shocked to find out how much I lost. I guess I hadn't realized it while I was staying at my brother's place over the last month.

Primo, he doesn't have a scale, so I couldn't monitor the weight loss -mind you, that was a good thing otherwise I would have been obsessed with checking. And secondo, you'd think my clothes would have been a good benchmark, but with today's fashion everything fits loose or stretches, i.e. flowy tops or jeggings.

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. From weighing in at 118lbs, I am now 110lbs! I haven't been 110lbs since I was 22? Maybe 24? I feel amazing, but I still have some work to do though. I need to tone up. That's where my Tracy Anderson workout video and marathon training comes in.

Speaking of which, I jogged today with my Mickey (my brother). What a beautiful day it was too; 12 degrees and sunny. We went in the morning around 9:30-10AM, right after we did some 'dynamic stretches'. What? Yah, that's what I said. They're a series of stretches that are supposed to strengthen your muscles while you stretch, so: walking lunges or jumping knee bends.

I wish I could say I jogged more then I did on Tuesday, but I didn't. I pretty much covered the same distance, 3.5KM at 28 minutes. At least I'm consistent, right? Then I did interval jogs until I reached 4KM where I officially gave up. My brother, on the other hand, jogged to timbuck-effen-too and came back around 12:30. I watched him jog up Wilderton without stopping. I don't know how he does it, but I'm impressed. I also hate him at the same time. How the hell am I supposed to run the half???

I'm so f*****.

Anyway, zats eet for now.

I'm back home now, hopefully I'll be able to maintain my nutrition and fitness while I'm here. I did buy a book though that seems quite interesting and is similar to the CLEAN philosophy; eating raw.

Stay tuned, kids. And thanks for stopping by.


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