Thursday, March 10, 2011

a challenging cleanse

What: I've decided to attempt a 3 week detox program called CLEAN by Alejandro Junger, M.D
When: Sunday, March 13, 2011
Where: At home, at work, on the go, go, go. It follows you for 3 weeks (not counting you're pre-clean elimination week).
Why: Because computers aren't the only systems that need rebooting, and because I want to get into shape for the summer.

The Low-Down:
Unlike other detox programs -which seem more suitable for anorexic models or celebrities who starve themselves- this one claims to revolutionize the way in which your body restores its natural ability to heal itself. It promises to rid your body of toxins without depriving you, and allows you to drop any unwanted weight (DING DING DING...Sign me up!).

Of course, the bonus factor for me was Gwyneth Paltrow's promise that it works, so I bought the it !! I know, I know, I'm a fish, but she wouldn't put her face on something she doesn't believe in, would she? I hope not because she seems smarter than that (not so much in her professional choices these days -singing and dancing!? Really, Gwyn? Are we really going there?)

Anyway, I came home excited to read how this revolutionary program changed Gwenyth's life and soon realized that there's nothing in it about her actual transformation- just her testimony. I also realized that it wasn't going to be as simple as I thought. There's a lot of time and preparation required for this program, and I'm not one who likes to follow strict eating plans. I love food way too much. But I am willing to give this one a shot. I don't know where my determination is coming from this time, but damn it, it's time I try, n'est ce pas?

The Preparation:
First of all, you have to plan out your meals every day for 3 weeks. The program consists of 2 liquid meals (smoothies, juices, or soups) and 1 solid meal (vegetarian option available) per day with some snacks in between.

Choosing the meals is a cinch, it's jotting down all the ingredients needed to make the recipe's and then buying them that's a pain. It can get quite expensive. Luckily, I know this great little mom n' pop grocery shop I hit up called MY PARENTS HOUSE -don't look at me like that.

The Extras:
For those who don't wish to shock their body during the detox, it is recommended you begin an Elimination period one week prior to the start date of your Clean detox.

The Elimination period has a list of recipes you can follow to ease you into it. So basically, you need to commit four weeks total in order to complete the program successfully.

Warning: It could kill your social life - not that mine is overly exciting these days.

I guess we'll see if it really transforms me and my body. Hopefully, I'll drop some weight I've been struggling to lose (mainly in the tummy- booo), then I'll feel healthier (yaaay), and fit for the summer time. Oh yes, which brings me to my next point: getting fit.

In order to really see the effects of the detox, it is recommended that you incorporate some form of exercise into your plan.

I like doing yoga at the Moksha studio I go to, and I will also try to squeeze in this revolutionary workout video I recently came across -but I'll get into that next time. It's supposed to be jah-mazing! Can't wait to try it.

C'est tout!
Keep you posted...

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  1. I wonder,
    does this detox thing apply to the Mediterranean parallel too?